Pastry Cream


SourceChef Paul Lee
Prep time
30 minutes
Cooking time
20 minutes
Total time
50 minutes


A delicious cream that adds rich and decadent flavors to the most basic of pastry dishes.


3⁄4 c
Sugar (for part 1)
1 q
Milk (for part 1)
3 oz
Butter (for part 1)
1⁄2 c
Flour (for part 2)
1⁄4 c
Corn starch (for part 2)
1⁄4 c
Sugar (for part 2)
Eggs (for part 3, whole, with egg yolks)
2 t
Vanilla (for part 3)
1⁄2 c
Cream (for part 3, heavy)


  1. Combine part #1 in a heavy bottomed sauce pot that will hold at least 3 quarts. Heat to a simmer.
  2. Blend parts #2 and #3 and combine. Whisk to a smooth paste.
  3. When part #1 begins to steam, ladle out 2 cups, one at a time, and whisk into parts #2 and #3 to temper.
  4. Whisk the tempered mixture back into the sauce pot. Heat to a boil, stirring constantly, making sure there is nothing congealed in the bottom corners. Boil at least 5 minutes to set the starch.
  5. Transfer to a shallow pan to cool. Cover with plastic wrap to prevent a ‘skin’ from forming.
  6. This recipe is for ‘set’ pies. If a creamier, softer texture is desired, reduce cornstarch to 3 T.